No Slander is Real ripoff The lawyers collection from weltman weinberg and Reis

Their misdealing and Ripoff the consumer. Jennifer M.Monty Or Ms.Jennifer Monty Rieker .Ripoff . Scott D.fink ripoff.Benjamin N. Hoen other ripoff

Ripoff you and me . weltman weiberg and Reis and their Collection lawyers ripoff your money and my consumer together in one voice have to stop this collection company .they lie for take the consumer money unfair debt Collection

Consumer together say no To Weltman Weinberg and Reis and their lawyer ripoffkeep call and use many different people destroy people credit and make you stress

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States #737073

I just received a letter from this firm Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA addressed to my dad's estate.They are asking if I'm the personal representative and whether or not the estate has been filed and they want information pertaining to it!

It's none of their business! I never contacted them, nor would I. Where did they get this information from? There was never any obituary published in the newspaper and my dad lived on the other side of the country...go figure.

And they even have a WWR # assigned to him. Go fly a kite!

I'm trying to restrain myself here...:(


I have gotten several calls from this outfit and I don't answer if I don't know the caller. They tell me that I owe money to somebody and they are trying to collect. The best part of this story is that I owe money to NO ONE and have never not paid anyone that I had a bill with!

to hook1 #940154

What did you do? I just got a letter saying I owe over 4,000 and I know I don't.

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